Welcome To Courage to Lead

Coaching to evoke courageous leadership in Africa.
To provide Emotional Intelligence solutions for individual and collective productivity.
Our approach to leadership development and coaching underscores the need for building capacity for self-awareness, strategic savvy and purposeful action to achieve the desired business results. We integrate learning and development with strategic and operational context of the client’s business. Each intervention is unique and tailored to suit the client’s needs. Through our intervention we help leaders push through their boundaries for the benefit of their careers and the advantage of the organization.
We use a network model where CTL acts as a convening legal entity for a community of coaches and facilitators. We partner with associates on a flexible basis around a client assignment. The team provides knowledge and professional resources within coaching and leadership development. The team has extensive training in the following areas: systems thinking, proactive dialogue, and process oriented psychology, ontological and co-active coaching. All the coaches have been trained on ICF accredited training programmes and have invested heavily in their own professional development.

About Us

Courage to Lead is a black; female owned and managed Leadership Development Consulting Company. We specialize in leadership learning and executive coaching. In our interventions we focus on four levels of a system, i.e. individual, interpersonal, teams and organisations.

Courage to Lead is a “level 1 BBBEE contributor”.

The Courage to Lead Philosophy

Our belief is that sustainable high performance is enabled through ongoing learning and growth. This calls for ongoing moments of reflection, review and learning by the systems we work with. Self-reflection allows for the system and its members to become more aware to be able to make conscious choices innovate and leverage the systems collective experience for effectiveness.

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